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On the importance of Sports Massage!

Top Professional Athletes like UFC veteran Gray Maynard understand the importance of Sports Massage and the connection it has to peak performance levels. Gray also understands the importance of seeking out the top experts in their field to help him stay top in his field. “Just any massage won’t do.“


Dennis Wolf IBBF Pro

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Scott Zelensky is a highly skilled specialist expertly trained in many different areas of Sports & Injury Massage Therapy.

Some techniques are subtle Eastern based which are thousands of years old while others are more assertive and incorporate modern Western scientific knowledge to eliminate muscular pain, weakness, and restriction.

  • Have you been dealing with pain that has you sidelined or not performing at optimum levels?
  • Are you feeling off your game due to a muscular weakness or feeling of instability?
  • Do you have a muscular restriction that is inhibiting you in some way from performing at your desired level? Do you want better range of motion?

If your answer is yes to any of these or similar questions, then Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services can help.

  • Proactive Health Therapeutic Services is conveniently located and serves the entire Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City area.
  • International clientele has sought out Scott Zelensky’s expertise in Sports Massage for many years.
  • My goal is to provide expert treatment for each patient seeking relief from these problems and who has a strong commitment to improve.
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