About the Treatments

In the arena of alternative medicine, from a manual therapy perspective, there are many different incredibly powerful modalities (types of therapy), that are very effective and beneficial to people both athletic and nonathletic.

Within each of these modalities, there are many techniques, which make up the process of each of these types of therapy. Scott Zelensky’s therapy model is that each of these modalities and subsequent techniques are a wide array of “tools” available to him. These tools, along with the expert knowledge of how to use them, allow Scott to treat many issues of pain, weakness, and restriction in a more complete manner than those therapists who merely use one tool and simply consider themselves a “Rolfer”, or a “Shiatsu” therapist, or Thai massage therapist. After all, would you want to tune up your car with only a screwdriver?

sports massage sports massage sports massage

(Western Based Therapy)
Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of manual therapy designed for athletes and athletic people. These are often people with very active lifestyles who perform at much higher intensity levels than the average person. Subsequently, they also have very different therapeutic needs. The goal is to help the athlete be in the best physical shape possible as to compete at peak performance levels in their respective sports or athletic endeavors. Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services practices a type of sports massage that is different than the typical Pre-event and Post-Event form. He is an integral part of the team in an athlete’s training regimen. Depending upon the phase of the training and the nature of the muscular issues, he works with the athlete to create a program to optimize their performance both short term and long term.

At Proactive Health, first the focus is on alleviating any muscular pain, weakness, or restriction the athlete may be experiencing at any given time. Then, the goal is to assist in manually putting the muscular tissue in a positive state that will allow the person optimum performance. Next, the goal is to keep the muscular and tendinous tissue in a state of balance, whereby it is able to continue to perform at this high level as well as remain injury free.

Injury massage

(Western Based Therapy)
Injury Massage

Whether you have a sports related injury or an injury of different nature, Injury Massage can be an important part of the recovery process. Moreover, it can be the integral part that is missing and may be keeping you from being fully healed. A knowledgeable expert Injury Massage therapist will be able to assist you in the recovery process throughout each phase of your recovery.

Doctors are all too often concerned with what the scan report says so much that they no longer listen to the patient. They have also placed so much emphasis on this report and other data that they no longer palpate the area about which the patient is complaining. Physical Therapists are concerned with ultrasound, electric stim, hot pack, cold pack and the series of exercises. They often overlook or under value the very “labor intensive” manual therapy which is the model of Injury Massage. Let’s face it, the massage therapists in the spas are neither educated enough nor physically able to perform Injury Massage. This void has allowed Scott to create a special niche practice. Having a knowledgeable Sports and Injury Massage therapist who can take a patient through each phase of the healing process and contribute something meaningful and productive to that process is an invaluable professional. This is especially true for those of us who: do not want to take meds, want to avoid surgery, do not have time for three times a week of PT (let alone the time off work and the co pays) , and need “more” from a therapist than “relaxation”. Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services has actually helped people “heal” thousands of injuries they have sustained. If you have an injury, there is a strong probability he will be able to help.

deep tissue deep tissue deep tissue

(Western Based Therapy)
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage differs from Deep Pressure Massage in that it is a more therapeutic modality. Deep Pressure massage uses similar strokes as Swedish Massage yet does so in a manner utilizing a much more firm (deep) amount of pressure. Deep Tissue massage has a therapeutic objective in mind. It is not designed to relax the client. It is designed to relax the tissue. This technique is designed to manually reach the deeper soft tissues of the body. This is important (because of it’s effectiveness) for people who are larger, and more muscular. Deep Tissue work is especially effective for those individuals who are not only more muscular but who’s muscular tissue is simply way more “Dense” than the average person. When getting a massage, these people (myself included) often feel as if the Swedish massage therapist just “doesn’t get deep enough” where the real problems seem to be.

This is often the case with athletes and or athletic people. Having unique body types, these groups of people require a much different approach than Swedish Relaxation types of massage. To be effective at alleviating problems by releasing not only the superficial and moderate layers of tissue but also the deep layers, the therapist must use techniques, which “reach” those layers. This can be accomplished by, not only a mixture of general and specific techniques designed to affect the deep layers of tissue, but also by utilizing some general and targeted stretching techniques designed to likewise “reach” those layers of muscular tissue. This modality is extremely effective on issues of chronic pain, limited mobility (of a certain region for example frozen shoulder), Postural problems (whereby hypertonic deep muscle layers are affecting one’s posture by chronically pulling on the skeletal system), Muscular spasms (due to muscular tension), and in the soft tissue injury recovery process. It is often “not” relaxing to the client during the session, as compared to a Swedish massage, and yet the client will feel the tissues that had been overly contracted “let go” of this hypertonic state and hence feel more pliable.

trigger point therapy

(Western Based Therapy)
Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point TherapyTrigger Point Therapy is a branch of alternative therapy, which treats the cause of pain associated with trigger points. It is alternative in that it is nonsurgical and not pharmaceutical driven. This means no medicine and no cutting of tissue. It is also alternative in that it attempts to treat/fix the “Root” cause of the pain. Trigger Point Therapy is a very specific and targeted type of manual therapy. This modality treats specific muscular adhesions in a muscle or muscular group.

To the client this area feels painful to the touch as well as during movement often. Trigger points often refer pain along common referral patterns. These are known as satellite trigger points.

To the therapist, this adhesion is felt, by palpation, as a nodule or section of muscle, which is tightly banded together in contrast to the normal striated muscle tissue. This region of tissue often feels dense and fibrous. It is also commonly accompanied by a difference in heat to the surrounding tissue. It can commonly be found in areas where the muscular tissue is hypertonic (overly constricted or too tight). This is often referred to by the average person a “knot” in the tissue. Trigger Point Therapy (from a Massage perspective) is a type of manual therapy that directly works the tissue manually at the site of the adhesion, which is causing localized pain. It also treats any “Referral Pain” sites. These sites and patterns are often associated with daily repetitive use patterns of our muscular system.

Consequently, the therapist may inquire about the patient’s habits and routines, as well as give tips on how to avoid future trigger points. Scott Zelensky has been performing Trigger Point Therapy successfully fixing the root cause of people’s pain for over 21 years.

stretching therapy

(Western Based Therapy)

Stretching is very important part of training. While opinions change throughout the years and even studies come and go one minute touting the advantages of stretching and the next claiming it does not help at all. Some claim only static stretches work while ballistic stretches are worthless. Other studies claim just the opposite. I have been athletic my entire life. I have been a Sports Massage therapist for 21 years. That is a lot of anecdotal evidence. My professional opinion is as follows: Stretching works!!!

Many different exercise fads come and go. Yoga is thousands of years old and is the oldest “still standing” form of exercise. If that does not convince you, then nothing I say will. Stretching is an important part of healthy living. Stretching is a key part of remaining injury free and performing athletically at peak performance levels. At Proactive Health Therapeutic Services Scott Zelensky uses a variety of stretching techniques including both ballistic and static techniques. He is a practitioner of PNF stretching or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching. This is a set of clinical stretching techniques using contraction and relaxation of the muscle in question to be stretched and it’s opposite along with a series of stretches during these states of contract and relax. These are very effective in improving athletic performance levels as well as expediting the recovery process of a sports injury.

lymphatic drainage therapy

(Western Based Therapy)
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

Manual Lympahtic Drainage Therapy is a form of alternative therapy, which is intended to encourage the natural flow of lymphatic fluid. It is a gentle form of massage utilizing a specific light pressure of rhythmic circular motions as well and gentle pumping and flushing strokes in a certain direction (with the natural flow of lymphatic fluid within the system). Light Jostling of the area may also be used.

Lymph is the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system (which is part of the circulatory system as well as the immune system) It is transported through lymph vessels to lymph nodes then back to the blood via the left or right subclavian vein. There is no pump like the heart but rather a series of ducts that work by the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle as well as the compression caused by contraction of skeletal muscles. For our purposes, it is important to note that if too much pressure within the system develops and causes a back up of fluid and leads to Edema (Excess accumulation of fluid in the interstitium) This is manifested as “swelling” to a region. Hence, the use of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is used to stimulate the normal flow and proper drainage of this accumulation of fluid “back” into the system so that the body may properly process it. The by product is that the swelling and any pain associated with it is relieved. For Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services, this is utilized often in sports injury as well as other injuries.


(Eastern Based Therapy)

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the Japanese form Shiatsu. It applies the same principles as Acupuncture. It utilizes points or pressure points, which are found along the Meridians or energy pathways. If one of these pathways is blocked or out of balance, illness or injury may occur. Or if an injury has already occurred, this imbalance or blockage may be at the root of the problem. Acupressure is then used to unblock and restore balance. The athletes Chi is then returned to a free flowing and balanced state. If there was an injury, then unblocking the Chi and restoring balance will greatly assist in returning the athlete to performing at their normal levels. If there is no injury but still an imbalance, then this same procedure may put the athlete at peak performance levels as well as help avoid a weakness which may have later lead to injury.

energy work

(Eastern Based Therapy)
Energy Work

Working therapeutically with the Human Energy Field is an important part of treating the entire athlete. Without it, you are not treating the entire person.
Energy work is a crucial part of my practice. I utilize many different energy work modalities to assist in properly balancing that which has become imbalanced. I will trace down that which has become off balance and is affecting your performance. I will then use many techniques to help “reset” this to the proper state of balance. That which has become disconnected will be reconnected. If a meridian is out of balance, I will help rebalance it. Likewise, if one of your chakras is not in balance, I will help you restore it to balance. I may send you home with some things to contemplate. I may even suggest some foods and or spices to eat or avoid. While in my office, Be open minded , and you may walk away pretty amazed at a whole new world which opens before your eyes.

meridian therapy

(Eastern Based Therapy)
Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy is an Eastern based therapy treatment which utilizes the concept of energy pathways in the body known as Meridians. These meridians are associated with organs of the body. They also correlate to certain muscles of the body as well as any possible dysfunction of those muscles.

Consequently Meridian Therapy can be very effective in treating an array of muscular issues. At Proactive Health Therapeutic Services Scott Zelensky uses Meridian Therapy to assist in his efforts to heal injuries as well as keeping athletes performing at optimum performance levels.