Review Us On Google and Receive
Courtesy of Proactive Health
Therapeutic Services

After your first visit, rate the company using Google’s star system “and” write a review on Google and receive a 90 minute Sports Massage for the price of a 60 minute session. That’s a $55.00 gift you receive for a few minutes of your time. This is not a drawing where you might win, like so many companies offer on their receipts these days. This is a gift the very next time you come in for a session.

  1. * Certain Restrictions apply*
  2. Client must mention this ad when “booking” 2nd appointment.
  3. Client must rate the company with Google’s STAR rating system “and” write the review “prior” to 2nd visit so that it may be verified.
  4. Offer is valid to both New and Existing clients.
  5. All of the requirements “MUST” be met or the session reverts to full price 90 minute sports massage which will be $165.00

Google Review