About Scott Zelensky

With a degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Philosophy and Political Science, Scott, prior to opening up his Sports Injury clinic, taught university-level Logic, Critical Thinking, Evidence, and Inductive Reasoning. Scott graduated from Dahan Institute of Massage Studies. At that time, the courses were designed very much like a university setting, whereby you took your general education classes and then chose a "major" area in which to specialize. The major track choices were Spa, Eastern, and Sports & Injury. He chose the latter and never looked back. Upon completing his education in Sports Massage Therapy, Scott applied the use of logic and critical thinking to the field of Therapeutic Massage. He has come up with his own unique and extremely effective method of Sports & Injury Massage Therapy. This method is designed to help the athlete alleviate his or her current muscular pain, weakness, and restriction as well as promote a proactive adjunct to their training routine. This will help prevent future injuries and athletic downtime.

Scott has taught at some of the best massage schools in Southern Nevada. He also gives training seminars in his method of Sports Massage. Scott is currently in the process of publishing his method of Sports Massage in both book and DVD format. He wishes to share his technique and insights with other therapists so they too may treat high-level athletes with a quality of Massage Therapy designed just for them. Contact us today and learn more about Scott Zelensky and his unique approach to sports massage therapy.