Proactive Health Therapeutic Services Policies

24-Hour Cancellation & Late Policy

There is a strictly and uniformly enforced 24-hour notice cancellation policy. 24 hours' (not 23 or 22) notice is required for cancellation of appointment, regardless of the reason, or full payment is still required for the canceled session. This time is allotted and held just for you.

How would you feel if you showed up and I had decided to give it to someone else? Would the reason matter? My practice is busy and there is usually a wait list. With 24 hours of notice, I can call the people on the list and try to help get them in. Without enough notice, I cannot help these people. Moreover, I am out the payment for the time I had allotted for you. I could have been paid by someone who would have come in. This is why it is simply my policy to enforce it uniformly.

If a client arrives late to a session, they will receive treatment during the remaining time of their scheduled appointment time only and will have to pay for the full session.