Proactive Health Therapeutic Services Pricing

The price for services at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services LLC is $110.00 per hour. I am a highly-skilled and renowned specialist in Sports and Injury Massage. I treat athletes from all over the world.

Many establishments offer sports massage on their menu of services offered as if it were just one more item such as hot stone massage. They claim to be good at them all. If you believe this, then, by all means, go there.

This site tells a story and paints a picture of my credentials, qualifications, and testimonials. I am a specialist. I do what I claim to do. I do it very well. I do not claim to do all sorts of relaxation work or everything else. Nor do I want people to come here for something I do not offer.

The spas on the strip charge $200.00 or more per hour for sports massage and still do not deliver the quality and expertise which I offer. If you are looking to be pampered, then, by all means, go to The Strip, please! I do not pamper!

The "discount places" offer sports massage for $49.00 (introductory offer) and definitely do not deliver the quality and expertise which I offer. If you are a coupon chaser always looking for the next "best deal", then, by all means, go get your deal, please! I am not a cut-rate therapist. My establishment is not a discount business.

So you can spend twice as much or more and be pampered and be disappointed. You can spend half as much and get a "great deal" and be utterly disappointed. Or you can spend $110.00 per hour, which is a median price and be satisfied with the price and amazed with the results. The choice is yours. I have a highly successful practice and my days are booked regardless.

If you are serious about your training or if you have serious pain and are not getting the right answers elsewhere, then come to experience the difference and see why so many top athletes put their trust in me.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.

Methods of Accepted Payment at the time of services rendered:

Cash (in US Dollars)




Other Policies

  • We Do Not Accept Insurance or Liens
  • We Do Not Keep SOAP Notes Nor Write Reports
  • Any Attempt To Be Reimbursed By an Insurance Company for Therapeutic Massage Services Is Solely the Responsibility Of the Client — I Will Not Get Involved
  • Receipts & Gratuity - Learn More About Our Policies Regarding Receipts & Gratuity